Pendle meeting Oct.

on Oct 2, 2017 |

This is perhaps my last entry on this Blog .I do hope Sue is able to add posts as she travels around. Yesterday Lesley came to see me and eplained that I have caused some problems with this site as I have not resized my photos. So my sincere apologies to her and I hope that it all works out right tonight. I also found that if you want hidden,historic posts if you click Archive at the bottom of this Web. i am also learning to differenciate between a blog and a web. Taken me too long!!!!

So I went along to Pendle today. At first I was disappointed to hear that Sue our speaker could not attend, but was sending her daughter Sarah. So no worries as I have known them both for many years. They run the excellent Golden Hinde company. Sarah brought along a selection from her shop, and then greets Sue our Chair.

Sarah told us how it all started[all new to me} and then began to show us masses of examples of their work. Unfortunately we had to shorten our afternoon as the room was desperately needed but Sarah had time to allow us to look more closely at her examples . Sue then reminded us that we could all have a go  as a workshop is booked for February.

One of a pair worked by Sue,Sarah has the third but has yet to complete it. Below the second but I must apologies as its not too sharp.

Sarah does “actually” stitch and showed us her piece or Or Nue, a technique that I admire but have yet to try.