It is with sadness that I share the news that Brenda Baxter died on Wednesday 31st October.  She has been a staunch member of the North Wales Guild since 1982 and served on the committee between 1996-8.  Brenda believed that ‘once a member, always a member’ and in fact insisted on renewing her membership just a matter weeks before she died.

Brenda will be remembered for her traditional hand embroidery.  Many will remember her for the Exhibitions she organised in Llanasa Parish Church when she invited, even cajoled members into showing their work, but especially she will be remembered for her own Exhibition held in 2003.  “Through the alphabet – a lifetime of crafts” when she exhibited 83 different crafts covering every letter of the alphabet except one which she couldn’t find anything for – neither could anyone else!  There were a total of 648 pieces of her work on display.  She was a person who produced not just quantity but exceptional quality work which she regularly entered in the Guild Exhibitions even the latest one in 2017.  Just before her illness she was beginning to plan things she wanted to do ready for Christmas this year that was at 89 years of age!

She will be sorely missed by those who remember her vitality and energy and her constant thirst to produce beautiful work and to encourage others to do so.


Beryl Trimby