Terry Murphy visited the NW on 23rd & 24th March- I attended the first session which was held in Barton Village Hall. Despite the delay in obtaining the key to open up-not our fault!- the session went very well.

It was attended by around 25 members from different branches, and I believe most members gained a lot of knowledge on how the Guild runs, and what is involved these days in meeting legislation etc.

Terry gave a talk to start with, which I think would have answered quite a few questions in the members minds. He has already attended quite a few talks in different Regions in the last few weeks, and would have known what subjects may come up.

Questions were asked, and hopefully satisfactory answers given, although I am sure there are still some questions buzzing around that will need answering in the future.

The mood of the meeting was positive and open, and I know Terry was very impressed with the meeting and the NW members he met.

I have been told that the Merseyside meeting went well, but attendance was a little disappointing- however some members turned up and hopefully gained further knowledge and were satisfied with the answers given.

It is a two way street, and HO also need help and guidance from the members.

I will be giving a short precise at Regional Day, and also in my next newsletter in May.