I have been approached by Lucy Burscough, a Manchester based textile artist, to invite you to participate in an exciting project ‘Dab Hands’ which came about when Lucy discovered that surgeons were becoming aware that their students were less dexterous and that we as embroiderers had acquired that skill and used it to create beautiful works of art.
The completed pieces of work will be collated by Lucy and made into a 3D model of a hand which will be exhibited in the Manchester Museum in 2022.
Please note that you will receive a full free kit and SAE envelope to return your finished piece-
The attached notice gives further details with links and contact details (CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION)
In addition I have clarified a couple of queries that have been brought up by the Regional Committee.
¬†Lucy’s Replies below-
1. Q. Can we use free machine embroidery?
A. The aim is to hand stitch the piece, however if you would prefer free machine embroidery can be used- maybe combine the two?
2. Q. Can we use our own colour palette?
A. Lucy will send embroidery threads in a specific colourway. You are welcome to use your own threads (hand or machine) within that colour palette for working onto the drawing itself. If you want to use different skin tones to the ones that are in the drawing, that would be welcomed.
When it comes to the background,¬†there’s more flexibility and members are welcome to use colours of their choice.