Margaret receiving her certificate and 25yr badge  


Elsi  receiving her certificate and 25yr badge

I was invited to attend North Wales Branch 45th Anniversary party and to present 25 year badges to Margaret Griffith and Elsi Prytherch.

It was a lovely day out, and the weather and road conditions were excellent.

I had a wonderful reception and was made to feel very welcome by all members who attended.

Colourcraft were giving demonstrations and of course were selling goodies- fatal! as I easliy surcomed and bought some metallic brushos. I really needed them!!!

I was told Margeret and Elsi felt very special to be presented with their badges in individual little boxes and framed certificates by myself. However they deserved to feel special as should all members who reach their 25 or 50year milestones.

The spread of food provided by the members was brilliant, and so plentiful I took a doggy bag home.

The cake which was made by a member, looked excellent and tasted it also- no style over substance there! 

Above are some photos of the day, and hopefully I will be invited again for another event?

Branch members busy buying and stitching

The wonderful cake- the cotton reel and thread looked real.