Obituary for Jacqueline Learner –25 February 1933 to 24 May 2021


After working in London Jacqueline Moved to Milton Keynes in 1976 to work for the Open University. She was a very active member in Milton Keynes, both of the Embroiderers and the Quilters Guilds, and I believe she was a founder member of the MK Miniaturists.

She then moved to Manchester in 2001 to be near my family, where she became an active member of the Embroiderers and Quilters Guilds.

Unfortunately, over the last few years she found it harder to get around and gradually stopped attending.


Jacqueline always had cross stitch on the go as far back as I can remember, including birth samplers for all four of my children. When she moved into her new flat last year, she framed some of her older embroideries. These included whitework, crewelwork, free embroidery, blackwork, cross stitch, pattern darning and more. As well as costume making, knitting and patchwork / quilting she also made most of her own clothes for many years and she had a go at lacemaking, machine embroidery, papermaking and various other crafts. She attended Embroiderers’ Guild workshops on many subjects, and she often used to lead workshops in Milton Keynes for various groups on all sorts of embroidery, patchwork and craft topics.


Pippa Francis (Niece)