I was invited to Pendle Branch’s Christmas Do, and after a Sat Nav episode, I was very warmly welcomed by the members.

After a really nice lunch and a cup of tea, we started on the Christmas decoration challenge set by Val Coleshaw.  The idea was to roll felt fabric around a cocktail stick in which you have firsty inserted a hanging ribbon, wrap fancy thread around & decorate with beads etc.

Simple you would think? However I forgot to add the ribbon, and spent ages trying to push one through the finished ornament!!!

It was great fun and with plenty of laughs I managed to complete three decorations.

In fact I had so much fun I forgot to take photos until the very end.

We also had a Reverse Raffle, in which you can swop your prize if you fancy someone elses. Luckily Kathryn had bought a prize for me to add to the stash and I could participate. It was crazy as nearly everyone stole the same valued prize which did the rounds- I did not end up with it, but finished with a lovely handmade Christmas themed scissor keeper with embroidery scissors. Bargain!!

Kathryn also showed us how to make a 5 point start with only one cut!!! Hopefully I can remember how to fold the paper/fabric as even with instructions- origami is not my forte.

Here are a few of the photos I managed to take-