The North West Regional Chair’s Challenge.

It was several months ago before the Covid 19 crisis that Sue Chisnall-Sumner, our NW Chair, challenged each Embroiderers’ Guild branch in the NW region to stitch a joint piece to showcase the benefits of being part of the Guild and a branch.

The Preston Branch Committee met and discussed the options. We decided we needed something that could be stored easily and not take up too much room in one of our store cupboards. In a moment, one night, whilst churning ideas around in my head because I was wide awake, I thought a cube mobile would be a different approach to the Preston Branch piece.

Having made a cardboard model and one side of a cube the committee rose to the challenge and discussed further the topics, fabrics and designs.

It was decided to use ‘Bosal’, a light flexible, but firm fabric used in bag making, to stiffen each square and squares of white cotton sheeting, giving plenty of scope for members to design their own ideas. Committee members took on the role of team leaders and Carolynne volunteered to stitch badges for the base of each cube.

The cubes were given titles; skills, friendship, community projects, competitions, meetings, education, fun and challenge.

After a little gentle persuasion members began to sign up for a topic and took away the prepared materials.

That was in February and March 2020. Just after the last meeting the country was in lockdown and meetings have been on hold ever since but that hasn’t stopped our members being creative and producing delightful interpretations for our cubes. There have been some hiccups and some members found the isolation of not meeting to discuss and share expertise difficult, but others have stepped in and taken on more of the workload to help out.

The result has been brilliant and the mobile is now ready to be displayed at our meetings, exhibitions, Open days and wherever we want to showcase what the Guild has to offer.

Thanks to all the members who have helped to produce the mobile and to all the committee for their commitment to the project.

Ann Reading (Preston Branch)