You may remember details of the Loving Earth Project sent to you earlier this year? I hope some of you have become involved with this.

 I have now been sent details of a further project which is to be displayed at COP26 in Glasgow in November.-Stitches for Survival. Further details can be found on
This looks to be a great idea which would be suited to individuals or groups.

‘Stitches For Survival is a group of knitters, crocheters, stitchers and crafters from across the UK and beyond with a heart-felt message to the COP26 climate talks to be held in Glasgow 1–12 November 2021.

It is time to put the Earth — the basis for our very survival — and not money, centre stage in political decisions. This is the time to take bold and binding action to stop the devastating climate havoc and ecological breakdown that is evident across the world.

This last year has shown how radically our lives can change overnight when the political will is there and people take responsibility. It is time to act with the same urgency on the climate and ecological crisis!

We are knitting, crocheting, stitching and crafting 1.5 miles of climate messages for the negotiators to urge them to take bold and binding action together. Mass-craftivism to put the Earth centre-stage at COP26!

The length of the scarf represents the 1.5°C target in the Paris Agreement.

The Stitches For Survival scarf will be used for campaigning locally and nationally in the lead up to COP26. During the conference we will display it near the SECC conference centre where the talks are taking place.

After COP26 the scarf will be repurposed into blankets for refugee communities. Some of the more creative sections will be kept for an exhibition, and be used for ongoing campaigning’