It has come to light that bookings for Summer School 2021 have been very slow in coming in, and I would ask you to remind your members that it is important to book their places.
We are very hopeful that Summer School 2021 will be okay to go ahead as it is scheduled for late in June (25th – 27th). If members feel uncertain about it actually happening and they do not book their places, it will certainly have to be cancelled due to┬álack of uptake. This would be a shame as if we find nearer the time that it could have safely gone ahead- it would be another event lost.
So i would urge you to book your place as if you have every confidence in the event happening, otherwise we may lose this annual event entirely.
If we find that nearer the time Covid is still in the picture and we and Waddow decide that it should be cancelled , we would of course refund any deposits made by members.
We are reviewing the situation early March, and then we will make an informed decision. Normally the balance is not paid until May, but we will keep an eye on how we proceed and let you all know.
So to sum it up- please please book your place.

You can download the booking form by going to NWR and clicking into the drop down box -Summer School.