I visited Altrincham branch on 13th February, and had a lovely welcome.

Their speaker was Ruth Turner who told us about her ‘journey’ since retiring, and displayed her very varied pieces of work.

She is a very talented lady, who has worked in various mediums eg, goldwork, rag rugging, weaving, quilting and embroidery etc. etc.

I managed to take a few photos with the help of an assistant, take some scribbly notes and look at her work- no mean feat.

Ruth started working in traditional techniques, and gradually found her own ways of working, still incorporating the basis of embroidery but branching off into more contemporary pieces. A bit of a rebel, Ruth rejoices in bucking the trends, and therefore produces interesting and varied works. She attends workshops, is a member of the Guild, various textile groups, the WI and also loves to pass on her skills to others.

paper picture

Wendy Dolan technique

lino print

Klimt inspired felt work

Inca Weaving

Fish made at Nikki Parmenter workshop

Woven Pine needle bowl

book made at a Francis Pickering workshop & based on Alfred Gates a waterman

Dorset buttons worked in various ways

Ruth’s finished piece based on ‘Holes’ from NWR AGM 2018