Glossop members, Ann, Judi, Chris and myself paid a visit to Dukinfield Town Hall on Tuesday to view a prospctive venue for 2021 Regional Day.

Apart from a blip with my SatNav I managed to get to Ann’s House, and we sailed onwards to the Town Hall.

Despite the Town Hall’s slightly imposing look, I was personally very impressed with it’s beautiful interior with its tiles, stained glass windows and Art Deco touches. The venue is just right for the occasion and fits the bill in all aspects. We booked it.

It is part of the tradition of hosting a Regional Day, that the venues are all so different, and this makes the experience much more interesting and exciting for our members.

We then had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Tameside, and then being shown around the Mayor’s Parlour. He could not have been more welcoming, and we felt very honoured especially when we got to hold the Ceremonial Mace- which incidentally is very, very heavy.

Ive only reported on this so I can show you all the photos- however its very good news that Regional Day is secure for the forseeable future- and as you can see organising it can be FUN!!!!!

Ann holding the Mace with Chris, Judi, the Mayor of Tameside and me.

No explanation required!!!